Subway A-Holes!

I posted earlier on getting around during the July 4th festivities. Well apparently the people thought this weekend would be great to not have the 2 or 5 trains run between 3rd Ave-E 149th St to E 180th. That means no train service at my station.

Of course the shuttle buses offered as an alternative doesn’t run on a schedule. I ended up taking the BX19 bus, planning to take it to 3rd Ave-E 149th St. As it approached Hunts Point, I realized I could take the 6 train to 59th St, then switch to the N or R trains to my destination. Even with all those transfers, it would be faster than staying on the bus & dealing with chaos at 3rd Ave-E 149th St. 

Luckily the 6 train didn’t have any service changes, other than skipping 103rd St. But when I got off at 59th St I saw signs saying there was no N/Q/R train service. I managed to get back on the 6 train I had gotten off, but in another car. I was the last person who could fit in it. I got off at 28th St & walk over to my destination. Somehow I managed to get there earlier than the original time my best friends & I planned to meet. They were both running late because of service changes on their train lines, too. I just waited for them at the north end of Madison Sq Pk. 

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.