Weekend Train Woes

Yesterday it took me almost TWO HOURS to get to midtown from the Bronx. Why? Because the 2 & 5 trains weren’t running by me. Why? Because they were doing construction in my section of the lines, in both directions. Instead I had to take a #2 shuttle bus (the 5 trains weren’t running at all & I was going to the west side anyway).

The thing about taking the #2 shuttle bus in my area is that those buses run along a portion of the BX19 bus line, so it causes traffic congestion. Not to mention that they don’t run on a schedule. Which means you can wait ridiculous amounts of time because they are few shuttle buses running or they get packed like sardines so you have to wait for the next bus (or the second, or third bus). If you’re lucky, two or three #2 shuttle buses arrive at the same time, but that makes for inefficient service. Sometimes you end up taking the BX19 bus just to get going, but that’s a long ride to the 3rd Ave-East 149th St. Not to mention you’re paying an extra fare, though I use an unlimited metro card so it doesn’t affect me.

I ended up taking the second #2 shuttle bus, since the first one had the “Next Bus Please” sign (even though a some people, including a couple with a massive stroller, managed to squeeze in as people got off). When we approached the intersection where the bus would turn onto E. 149th St, we saw the massive traffic jam with several #2 shuttle buses, as well as the BX4 buses whose route goes down that street. I was running late already, so I got off & walked the two blocks to the train station. I reached the station before the shuttle bus did. When I went downstairs there was chaos & crowds of people trying to get past the platform doors. I bypassed them by swiping my metro card at the turnstile. Someone yelled at me that I didn’t need to pay, but I got onto the platform faster than if I had gone along with the crowd thru the open doors. I got a good spot & got on the train, which arrive three minutes later.

I was late to meet my best friend, KM, but arrived just in time for the show we went to see.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.