About Izzy

I am a New York-born Dominican, raised in Washington Heights (aka Dominican Heights or DR2), at the northern tip of Manhattan. After high school, I moved to several parts of the South Bronx (annoyingly referred to as SOBO, by wannabe hipsters). After briefly residing in Gravesend, located in South Brooklyn, I moved back to the Bronx.

I’ve been riding the NYC subway (I’m refusing to use the official name, as to not give them free publicity) all my life. I turned into a regular commuter when I started high school, when I traveled from Washington Heights to Midtown. In college, I traveled from the South Bronx to Midtown, which became my work commute as well. Needless to say, in all my years of subway riding, I’ve witnessed & experienced all kinds of crazy/stupid/irritating/astonishing/memorable things, not to mention people.

NYC subway riding gives us endless stories to tell. So here I am, chronicling the randomness of riding the NYC subway.

If you like what you read here, check out my other blog Randomness By Izzy, where I share random thoughts & musings from my everyday life.

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