Freezing Morning Commute Attempt

This morning I suffered the WORST commute I’ve ever had in my life! The temperature was at the freezing mark, but it felt like -5F with the windchill factor when I woke up. When I headed out to work, it felt like 7F. I was running a bit late because I left something & had to go back for it, but it was just a few minutes. I missed a train as I approached the station. There seemed to be delays but that’s no surprise to me anymore. I just didn’t expect it to be like it was.

The next 2 train came in packed like a sardine can. There was just enough room for one person to get on, but Bag Man, who I hadn’t seen in a while, bypassed me & got on. After that a string of 5 trains ran on the local track & stopped at my station (it doesn’t stop during rush hour). I lost track of how many stopped, about 10-15 minutes between each one. I could’ve gotten on one, but then I would’ve had to either switch to the 7 train which has the passage of hell to get to my job, or walk from Grand Central, which would force me to put up with the freezing temperature longer. Plus, a woman who was waiting with me part of the time kept going back to the station worker who told her a 2 train was coming. They were all 5 trains that came.

When yet another 5 train arrived, I lost it. I let out a colorful string of choice words I had to the subway system. I had waited on the elevated platform, exposed to the elements for an hour!! I called my boss on the verge of tears because I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes. I ended up going home to warm up & took half a personal day. Even by the time I made it to work, by feet were cold.

Today has been the coldest day this winter, hopefully this isn’t how the rest of it will be.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.

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