Happy New Year 2016!

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves as you rang in the New Year & that you had minimal subway headaches, if any.

Yesterday, I went to my sister’s new condo for the first time. She needed help with my toddler nephew while she worked from home. My other sister & I got up super early to make the trek up there, since we had to take the Metro North in addition to our subway line. When we got to her station, we decided to cab it since it was a 20+ minute walk to her house. We ended up ringing the New Year there & stayed the night.

Coming back home we ran into a couple of hiccups. My sister was going to Long Island so she called a taxi to take us to the Metro North station. It took longer to arrive than the dispatcher had told us, but she managed to catch the express train to Grand Central. KM & I had to wait for the local train, which luckily was only 3 minutes away. We walked to the back of the platform to avoid getting on a crowded car. Apparently we went to too far back. When the train came into the station, the conductor told us we needed to go further to the front. We got on & settled in our seats. When the ticket collector (don’t know what else to call her) came to punch our tickets, she told us the train wasn’t stopping at the station we planned to get off. The station she suggested would’ve left us on the opposite side of the Bronx, so we decided to get off at the stop we used on our outbound trip. But that meant we needed to be two more cars towards the front, so we walked between the cars.

Once we got on the 2 train, we thought the rest of our ride would be smooth, but no. At East 180th St, the conductor announced it would bypass the rest of the elevated stations in the Bronx. Supposedly, there was another 2 train directly behind it. That proved to be a lie, the next train was a 5 in 7 minutes, with a 2 train estimated for 10 minutes. I was cold, tired, & starting to get hungry. We ended up grabbing some fast food after getting off the train & were glad to be back home.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.

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