Bag Man

If I see this man at my station during the morning commute, I know I’m screwed. There will probably be delays & crowded trains ahead. I call him Bag Man because he always carries a bag, that’s a given. He started out with an unmarked large brown paper bag. Then he upgraded to a nylon messenger bag, the type used for laptops. Today was the first time I saw him with this wheeled duffle bag. I guess whatever he was carrying was too heavy for his short squat body to hold for the commute. Though it looked empty.

He’s also an a-hole. He has bum-rushed me to get on the train first, like today. He has also bulldozed past me to get an available seat. I think he’s been keeping tabs on me because sometimes he rushes to my usual spot on the train. He used to turn left to go towards the middle, whereas I turn right to go towards the front. If it’s too crowded on the train, or I start feeling my blood pressure dip, I get off at 135th St to switch to the 3 train. That’s the second downtown stop for that line, so it’s usually practically empty. Mr. Bag Man started copying me a couple of times. He never switched before.

Every time I see him at my station, my stomach turns & I have to fight the urge to throw up in his face. I don’t know, but my gut instinct tells me he’s not a good person. Like he could be a creeper or something. Sadly, you can’t choose who’ll be on your train. I can just do my best to avoid him & stay away from him when I do see him.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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