Female Seat A-Hole

This morning I missed my train, but the next one arrived surprisingly quick. I knew there should be seats available, so I walked down to my usual spot on the platform. Thru the windows I could see there were two empty seats. I went for the one closest to the first door of the car. The was a skinny, sloppy looking older woman in the first seat, slumped at an angle that made her legs block the empty seat. She had dosed off. I gently tapped her, saying “Excuse me” several times. I could tell she felt my taps, but chose to ignore me. Irritated, I went to stand the door, planning on switching to the 3 train at 135th St.

As the train pulled away, the lady seated next to the door I was standing by tapped me. She motioned to a teenage boy getting up from his seat to get off at the next stop. I smiled at her gratefully, let the boy bypass me & sat down. A few stops later, the female seat a-hole was forced to sit up properly by another lady. I can’t stand people like her, with no consideration for their fellow commuters & acting like they’re in their own living rooms.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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