Morning Commute Frustrations

I dread Monday mornings. It seems like the subway system will do everything in its power to make the Monday morning commute as frustrating as possible. You would think the fact that school is out & a lot of people are on vacation would make things run smoother. No obnoxious teens, no unruly elementary brats or their oblivious parents, no sardine-tight crowds. Nope. Not the case today.

I should’ve known things wouldn’t go well when I missed my train. The next one arrived five minutes later, not bad. I even got the corner seat right away, great! That’s where my luck ran out. When we arrived at the hub station, which is the second station after it goes underground going downtown, we were stalled. The conductor eventually announced our train was being diverted to the east side due to a sick passenger at 110th St (four stops away). I thought, “great, now I have to wait for the next train”. Then the conductor announced that all 2 & 3 trains were being reroute do to the east side. Seriously?!! Over a sick passenger four stops away? I mean, unless someone jumped into the tracks & got hit by a train, it doesn’t make sense to reroute two lines onto an infamously congested three-line route.

I had two options: either stay on the train & walk over to my job from Grand Central (which is ridiculously crowded during rush hour) or transfer to the uptown 4 train, get off at Yankee Stadium, & & switch to the downtown D train (too many transfers, which would take as long as walking from Grand Central). I decided to stay on the 2 train & braced myself for mayhem. Getting off the train & going up the stairs was like an obstacle course. I managed to get out thru the 1 Grand Central Plaza exit. I usually get breakfast at Pret, but I wouldn’t be passing by any on my way from Grand Central. Instead I went to Starbucks, which had a long line, but not as bad as I’ve experienced in the past. I ended up arriving at work 45-minutes late. But I wasn’t the only one with a bad commute in the office.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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