First Horrible Commute of 2015

Today I experienced the first horrible commute of 2015. Surprisingly, Monday’s commute wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. This whole week has been frigid, with temperatures below freezing & feeling like several degrees below zero. Today was particularly awful. I wore two pairs of Uniqlo Heat Tech leggings under my jeans, two pairs of gloves, & added the detachable faux fur trim to my coat hood.

The train was relatively crowded & the conductor quickly announced there were delays on the line due to mechanical problems at one of the elevated stations in Brooklyn. When we got to the first south-bound station underground, the train stalled for a few minutes. Eventually the conductor announced the train was going out of service due to a person at the next station needing medical attention, that we had to get off the train. The platform was already ridiculously crowded with people trying to board the train, now there was a crowded train-load unloaded on the narrow space. There were several parents with their small elementary children, hugging them against them to protect them from the upset crowd & the nearby platform edge. The train just sat there. Over the station loudspeaker, there was an announcement that all 2 & 5 trains were “back in service after an earlier incident”. People rushed to get back on the train, but the conductor quickly started closing the doors, screaming that there was a train directly behind it. People shouted that he didn’t give people a chance to get on the train. He kept opening & closing the doors, screaming & confusing everyone.

It got to the point that two police officers squeezed their way thru the crowd to speak directly to the conductor. They tried to clarify what was going on, but the conductor insisted on screaming the train was back in service, to get on the train & clear away from the doors. He didn’t do this over the loudspeaker, like he should have, he literally screamed everything. As if the overcrowded station would hear him. Eventually the train pulled out of the station. I didn’t bother trying to get back on, since it was more crowded that it had been initially, and supposedly there was a train directly behind it.

I should’ve known not to trust that conductor. The next train arrived at least ten minutes later & it was crowded as hell. I couldn’t even step one foot inside. Finally, I got on the third train, which stalled several times as soon as it entered Manhattan. I ended up getting to work almost an hour late. Needless to say, I was fuming. I’m just glad my boss is understanding about bad commutes.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.

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