Under Pressure

Actually, it was low blood pressure–though I love Queen’s music!! This morning during my commute to work my blood pressure dipped, making me light-headed & nauseous. I would hate to be the cause of a “delay due to a sick passenger”, which is all too common during the morning rush, so I got off the train at the next stop. I squatted by the platform wall to get my bearings. I got on the next train that wasn’t too crowded. Again, I started feeling the waves of nausea & dizziness wash over me. They got stronger so I got off that train too. I sucked on a cough drop to suppress the nausea & focused on my breathing to clear my head. That didn’t help as much as I thought, so I decided to call out from work. Then I took the next train & headed back home.

This ruined my plan to go to the gym after work to start breaking in my new running shoes. I was really looking forward to that so I can start my runs on the running paths. I guess I’ll have to wait a few days & take it slow when I do start. I wouldn’t want to to be the newbie runner to passes out mid-run, lol. I’ll take extra precautions for my blood pressure, but I’m definitely going to start running.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.

2 responses to “Under Pressure

  1. I actually googled, ‘Subway makes me dizzy’, after moving to Long Island, despite having grown up in NYC and taking the subway everywhere, I now tend to experience those random sudden drops of pressure and refuse to take the train. I now drive in and out of the city. The dizziness only happens when the train goes extremely fast and is in between stations going down a few stories, or so it seems. There is nothing wrong with me, health wise, but I don’t understand why this happens now, I think it’s my anxiety issues and just not being used to so much movement anymore. It was nice to read that this has happened to someone else.

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