Seat A-Hole–07/18/13

This morning I wasn’t feeling good. I had a rough night, waking up several times with the urge to vomit. Still, I forced myself to go to work. I grabbed a seltzer water from my dad’s store & headed to the train station. Going up the stairs to the platform was torture to my stomach, which was still queasy. When I got to my usual spot on the platform, I had to hold onto the side rail for support.

I was hunched over, sipping my seltzer, when a man walked past me & stands on the opposite side of the light post I was by. Then a woman stops right before me The train finally pulls into the station & as the doors open the man barrels his way in, practically pushing past the woman & me, & jets to the only seat available.

Men like him really get on my nerves. He clearly saw I wasn’t feeling well & that there was another woman. I’m not saying that we, as women, are entitled to a seat in the train. There’s just no reason to bulldoze & make a beeline to an available seat. He’s not a five year old who’s learning what socially acceptable & how to be courteous.

I eventually got a seat, which helped me make it into work without passing out or getting sick in public. But I memorized his face so he doesn’t bypass me again, lol.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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