MTA Get It Together

Reblogging, since I had the misfortune of experiencing this on my way downtown to go to Long Beach. My sister & I ended up taking the BX19 bus to 149th & Grand Concourse since there were no signs of the shuttle buses at our train stop. It took us an hour to get there! The time we were supposed to meet our other sister in Penn Station! We were not happy campers, or rather commuters!

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149th street 2/4/5 Train Station Saturday afternoon July 12th, 2014.
MTA did a horrible job of handling shuttle bus operations on the 2 lime to 180th street in the bronx. Breaking a number of violations which would include the most serious, fire hazard. 100s of passengers stuck trying to get out the 149th st Station. Instead of handing out tickets inside the station there should have been MTA employees handing these shuttle bus tickets outside rather than having so many people blocking both entrances and exits. Get it together MTA.


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