Commuter Incidents

Within this past week I partially witnessed two commuter incidents on the subway. On Monday, I was going home from having dinner with my best friends. I was waiting for the 2 train at the Times Square station. I had my earphones on as I normally do. Suddenly I started hearing a man wailing. I looked around me, thinking there might be a mentally unstable homeless man near me. They’re usually harmless but there are times when they snap & get in your face a bit. The wailing continued and sure enough I spotted a a crowd across on the downtown platform. I instantly thought, “Oh God, no…” There was a stalled 1 train and three EMT workers trying to pull up a man who was stuck in the gap between the train & the platform. A couple of cops were around the EMT workers, keeping the crowd at bay. What struck me was that other than the small crowd near the incident, no one seemed to realize what was going on, just feet away from them. I didn’t see the incident when it happened & I couldn’t really see the man involved, but I was glad for that. I felt horrible for the man, but I knew he was being helped & hoped his injuries weren’t too severe.

Then Thursday, I was on my way home from running some errands after my first work day of the year. As I was going up the stairs to the platform, I saw a woman laying along the side of the stairs. She was crying & moaning as a subway worker knelt beside her, keeping the forming crowd away from the narrow space by the platform edge. From what I heard from the crowd it seemed like the woman had fallen into the tracks as the train was coming into the station. They had managed to pull her back onto the platform & were waiting for the EMT to take her to the hospital.

I really hope this isn’t an omen of how the year will be riding the NYC subway.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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