Ladies Beware…

…of this man:

He rides the uptown 2 train from 72nd St to the Bronx during the evening rush hour.

He approached me once on the platform at 72nd St, on my way home from my painting class. I had my earphones on, as I usually do to avoid chatters. He kept trying to get my attention, but I ignored him. Then he invaded my personal space, telling me he wanted to get to know me. I took a few steps back & kept ignoring him. That didn’t stop him. He gained on me & repeated that he wanted to get to know me. I told him I had a boyfriend, which is true, and he replied “He doesn’t have to know”. I almost three up in my mouth, but managed to reply that I wasn’t interested. The train arrived & I acted like I was getting on. I waited for him to board & quickly darted out as the train doors started to close. That took care of my inconvenience, lol.

Last Friday, on my way home, he got on the train I was in. I was sitting on the corner seat, next to the conductor’s door. There was a pretty, curvy woman leaning against the conductor’s door & this guy was standing at the passenger doors. He kept trying to talk to her but she wasn’t having it. He kept leaning in, almost on top of the person sitting on the fold-down seat across from me. The woman got off at her stop, clearly avoiding getting to close to this guy. Shortly after, a petite younger woman boards the train (you can see her distressed jeans on the left side of my picture). The guy had gotten his seat by then. Again, he started his sweet talk approach. It was revolting. I ended up getting off the stop before mine just so I wouldn’t have to witness any more of his prowling. I just hope never to cross paths with him again.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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