Subway Photo Series (1/2/3 Trains) – 1st Attempt

Back in July I wrote a post about starting a Subway Photo Series, photographing all the NYC subway lines. I had some personal days earned at my new job, which don’t carry over in January, so I was “forced” to take them. I didn’t want to deal with traveling during the holidays, so I decided to take a “stay-cation”. Today was my first day & I decided to get started on my Subway Photo Series.

I planned my itinerary on the 1/2/3 trains, which is the red line on the map. I live along the 2 train line so I took the uptown to the last stop, Wakefield – 241 St. There I met a couple of the transit workers, who were very friendly & asked me about my photographs. I told them I was taking photos for my blog, dedicated to my experiences on the subway. The one who initiated the conversation had a great sense of humor, telling me not to post pictures of him looking lazy with his hands in his pockets. I assured him I hadn’t taken any pictures of him. He said I should take a picture with one of the other workers, but I told him I didn’t post pictures of myself, unless it was my shadow or any shot that isn’t easily identifiable. I want people to check my blog for its content, not what I look like. In hindsight, maybe I should’ve suggested taking a group picture, since they seemed so open to being photographed for my blog. One of them asked me for the blog address, so I gave it to him. He quickly got on it, lol. That actually got me thinking that I should have business cards printed for the blog, so I can hand them out whenever someone shows interest in reading it.

Unfortunately, I got a late start, plus my new camera filter wouldn’t unscrew after I put it on, so I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted. I also got side-tracked when I got to Atlantic Avenue, because I wanted to check out some items at the Target there. It was mayhem, so I ended up just getting a latte at their Starbucks. I will try to get the rest of the 2 Train line, in addition to the 3 train & 1 train, as I initially planned. Below are the pictures I managed to get today:





















Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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