Missed Trains & Icy Slush

This morning I missed two trains, one as I was crossing the street to the station, the other as I was approaching the elevated stairs to the station. When I went thru the turnstile, I glanced at the estimated arrival for the next train…12 minutes!!

I walked carefully to my usual spot at the front of the platform. They hadn’t cleared the slippery, icy slush that fell overnight:


Finally the train arrived, it was packed of course. As I debated whether to try getting in or not, I noticed it was the 5 train, which is express & normally doesn’t stop at my station during rush hour. When the next 2 train finally arrived, I quickly got in, just to get smacked with the nauseating smell of cheap soap normally found at 99¢ stores & discount stores. Needless to say this is not a good start to my work week.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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