Hump Day Recap

My weekday commutes started out pretty interesting this week. On Monday morning, a young pregnant woman passed out in my train car. I was really nervous for her because she was only 3 months and was shaking badly. Lucky for her, there were several physicians/nurses on the train. One stayed with her and checked her vitals. Someone gave her a sparkling water and another gave her a granola bar. Us commuters, however were stuck while they waited for the EMT to arrive. I had cell service so I texted my bosses, letting them know I was running late. All the express trains were rerouted to the local track, but it was so crowded, it wasn’t worth getting off my train. When the crowd eased up, I tried taking one of the local trains, but as soon as the doors opened the conductor announce that they also had a sick passenger and would be held in the station. What are the odds of both trains being held in the station due to sick passengers? I got back on my train to wait things out. I was settled in when I heard my name being called out. I look up and there was my ex, the one who broke my heart. I felt like I was in a twilight zone. I got out of the train and spoke briefly to him, basically small talk about work & asking about each other’s families. The conductor announced we would be leaving the station, so I boarded the train, again, and said goodbye to my ex, since he works near that station.

I started my abstract painting class on Monday and had an art workshop yesterday. They both ended at 10pm, which is not a fun time to take the train. Both days I ended up waiting for over half an hour before I managed to get on a train home. It was a good thing I enjoyed my classes so I was in a good mood. On Monday though, halfway thru my commute home, one of those “born again” Christians got on and started preaching. These “subway preachers” annoy the crap out of me. I was raised Catholic, but I have my own personal views on religion & respect other’s views. However, I don’t need some Bible-thumper shoving his/her religious jargon down my throat. Unfortunately I was lugging a large canvas and other art supplies, so I couldn’t put on my earphones without tangling myself. He stayed on until the stop before mine, GRR…

Today, on my commute home, a woman with a newborn  in a stroller got on at my stop. She courteously moved the stroller towards the middle of the car. It was crowded with some odd gaps hear and there. We were both standing and a seat in front of me became available so I offered to her. She was going for it when two seats behind me cleared out. She maneauvered the stroller closer to those seats, trying to position it closer to the edge seat, which would be more comfortable for her and more convenient for our fellow passengers. But before she could make her way a man with a cane bulldosed his way into the edge seat, squeezing around the stroller. Everyone was shocked by his selfishness, but we all knew we would come out as the bad guys for ganging up on a man with a cane. All I know is that cane or no cane, that man was a selfish bastard. If he hadn’t been so self-centered, he would’ve actually been more comfortable in the other seat. He would’ve even had room to stretch his bad leg!

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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