Train Bitch

The woman in the picture below is an example of a train bitch. The train was packed, but there was plenty of standing room between her & me since I was standing at my usual spot at the end of the car. At least three people could fit in the available space, yet because this bitch refused to move further in, they were forced to squeeze into the space by the door.


Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


7 responses to “Train Bitch

  1. I really dislike this ladies’ disregard of others, but I also wonder why all these New Yorkers don’t just go around her. They are all so tired and wanting to avoid conflict that they just huddle in a corner uncomfortably. A bunch of pendejos and she una cojonuda!

    • Her inconsiderate stubbornness is what pissed me off. If she had done that on a Monday morning, I’m sure all hell would’ve broken loose on her, lol.

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