Skyscapes 09/27/13

It’s been over two months since my last post. I’ve been busy with work, tired, and had recently had another bout of horrible back pain (I have mild scoliosis). This past Friday, I had my DS3200 on me because I was going to photo outing with a group I’m part of. My train station is elevated/outdoors, which is a blessing in good weather & a curse in bad weather. The one thing I can count on is the sky. Sometimes it’s beautiful, with the clouds, sunlight, & colors looking a painter’s brushstrokes. Other times it just looks majestic, as if an unseen force is communicating with you thru light & color. That’s kind of how it was on Friday. I felt like the beauty of the sky had a calming effect on me, after seeing the next 2 train would arrive in over 10 mins, when it’s scheduled to arrive every 4-6 mins.

Here are the pictures I took:

DSC_0319_3_REV DSC_0320_3_REV_SM

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


3 responses to “Skyscapes 09/27/13

    • Thanks! I was tempted to stick around, they sounded beautiful. But I hate crowds & people who block the flow of foot traffic, specially in Times Sq, lol

    • Whoops! Realized you commented on the Skyscape post, not the Amish choir post, lol. Yes, the sky’s beauty made the wait for the train easier to deal with, lol.

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