Select Bus Ticket Machine Woes

One of my former high school classmates, RR, posted the following Facebook status last night. I saw it this morning and thought it would be a great post here. He graciously allowed me to use it…Thanks, RR!!


I can understand his frustration. Those “Select Bus” ticket machines are a-holes! If they’re not misreading or unable to read your ATM/credit card, they’ll double charge you, they’ll do what it did to RR or his friend, who’s card the machine stole. You’d think that with the $1 they’re charging to get a new card, they’ll have the funds to make sure the machine work properly, not steal from you! And good luck dealing with customer service!!!

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


2 responses to “Select Bus Ticket Machine Woes

  1. This happened to me last March right before they raised the fares. 3 days after using a 30 day Metrocard on the Select Bus machine it decided it was unusable. So I went to the subway clerk and they give you a form that you gotta fill out and mail. And you’re only reimbursed not for the time that it wasn’t working but for whenever they received it in the mail. And to top it all off it took them 3 months to send the reimbursement check.

    • Yeah, it’s a scam for the MTA to line their pockets. And yet, they’re talking about two fare hikes in the next four years. Bastards!

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