2 Train Frustrations…AGAIN!!

The 2 train is infamous for delays. It might not be a new thing for its riders, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating when they occur. This morning, my ride was going smoothly up until Jackson Avenue. There it stalled at the station. After several “We will be moving shortly, we apologize for the delay” announcements, I started to grind my teeth.

To make matters worse, at East 149th Street-Grand Concourse the conductor announced the train was being rerouted to the east side on the 5 line. Hearing those words after already being held captive in a metal container can give anyone murderous rage. Of course it always happens when you’re below ground, where you don’t have service to let your boss know you’re running late.

For me it was a bigger slap in the face because I just started a new job. How good will it look to be half an hour late within the first week of employment? Now I have to take extra measures to avoid being late again. However, the problem with taking an earlier train is that I’ll end up in Midtown with too much time to kill before work. Right now it’s not a big deal, but when the weather gets colder, I’ll be freezing my a$$ off if I don’t find a place to kill time, which are very limited. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!



Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


2 responses to “2 Train Frustrations…AGAIN!!

  1. I used to hate to be stuck underground in the subway in N.Y.
    I praise God everyday I don’t ever have to do that again. It has been a great many years since I traveled that way but the memories linger on.
    Good Luck with future R.R. travel.

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