Personal Train Portrait

Today I was heading downtown in the 2 train, when the man sitting next to me asked if he could draw my profile. I’ve had people draw me before, from life or photo, but never a stranger on the train. He seemed like a humble man & his drawings were simple but genuine.

Here’s a picture of his drawing:


Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


2 responses to “Personal Train Portrait

    • When people draw me I never expect the piece to look just like me (unless they’re realist painters). I take it as their interpretation of me with the skills they have. I always find it interesting what different people focus on when they draw me.

      The fact that anyone would want to draw me is flattering, not just because someone finds me interesting enough to use as a subject for their artwork, but also because that artwork ends up being a piece of me out in the world.

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