Select Bus Ticket Machine Woes

One of my former high school classmates, RR, posted the following Facebook status last night. I saw it this morning and thought it would be a great post here. He graciously allowed me to use it…Thanks, RR!!


I can understand his frustration. Those “Select Bus” ticket machines are a-holes! If they’re not misreading or unable to read your ATM/credit card, they’ll double charge you, they’ll do what it did to RR or his friend, who’s card the machine stole. You’d think that with the $1 they’re charging to get a new card, they’ll have the funds to make sure the machine work properly, not steal from you! And good luck dealing with customer service!!!

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2 Train Frustrations…AGAIN!!

The 2 train is infamous for delays. It might not be a new thing for its riders, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating when they occur. This morning, my ride was going smoothly up until Jackson Avenue. There it stalled at the station. After several “We will be moving shortly, we apologize for the delay” announcements, I started to grind my teeth.

To make matters worse, at East 149th Street-Grand Concourse the conductor announced the train was being rerouted to the east side on the 5 line. Hearing those words after already being held captive in a metal container can give anyone murderous rage. Of course it always happens when you’re below ground, where you don’t have service to let your boss know you’re running late.

For me it was a bigger slap in the face because I just started a new job. How good will it look to be half an hour late within the first week of employment? Now I have to take extra measures to avoid being late again. However, the problem with taking an earlier train is that I’ll end up in Midtown with too much time to kill before work. Right now it’s not a big deal, but when the weather gets colder, I’ll be freezing my a$$ off if I don’t find a place to kill time, which are very limited. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!



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Two Dollars

Walking into my train station today, I found $2 right by the entrance. I glanced around but there wasn’t anyone close enough to have dropped it. No one even noticed when I picked it up. I’m hoping it’s a good omen for the day…

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Conversation Seeker

I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think they can make conversation with me early in the morning. It’s usually older men, or men with obvious social awkwardness.

This morning I was on the 2 train heading to Penn Station. A few stops into my ride, a man sits next to me. He’s what we call an “FOB” (Fresh Off the Boat) and was carrying an electric guitar & mic stand. As soon as he sat down he smiled a dorky smile & said “Good morning”. Not being rude, I gave him a partial smile & “morning”. I could tell he wanted to make small talk. Sure enough he looks at me and says “Que bueno ese airecito” (“How good is that bit of air”), referring the AC blasting in the car. I half smiled but didn’t make eye contact. I could feel him looking at me, either waiting for me to say something or trying to figure out what to say. I just keep to myself & avoided looking in his direction. I’m sorry, but 8:30am on a Sunday morning is just too early to try to talk to me.

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Personal Train Portrait

Today I was heading downtown in the 2 train, when the man sitting next to me asked if he could draw my profile. I’ve had people draw me before, from life or photo, but never a stranger on the train. He seemed like a humble man & his drawings were simple but genuine.

Here’s a picture of his drawing:


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MAJOR Seat A-Hole!!

This guy on a downtown 2 train is definitely a MAJOR seat a-hole!! He was completely spread eagle, blasting his music, while working on a word search.


Mind you, the train was packed, like this:


It really irks me that people like him feel entitled to take up more than their fair share of space on the train. You’re on public transportation, not lounging in your living room!!!

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