Ghetto Sorority

This morning, I was on my way to Penn Station and a group of loud, obnoxious women go on. They were so rowdy it was like being in a hellish ghetto sorority. I could hear their cackling clearly over my music, which was at max volume. I was so focused on blocking them out, I almost didn’t notice that the woman dressed head to toe in pink was a man in drag. That’s when I realized today was the Pride Parade. I had wanted to go with my friends to show my support for them, but I completely forgot it was this weekend. I was just glad I wouldn’t be stuck anywhere else near the ghetto sorority girls, who were apparently going to the parade.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


2 responses to “Ghetto Sorority

  1. I had a similar experience recently, 4 girls hopped on the train, and I slowly realized that one of them definitely wasn’t passable, and another one of them I was unsure about. But totally loud and cackling, maybe it was the same bunch. They got off the F train on 7av.

    • I doubt they were the same bunch, they were definitely Bronxites on the 2 train. There were too many of these “bunches”. I just had the misfortune of being in the car they got on.

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