2 Train Frustrations

On Sunday, I went to get cupcakes to celebrate my mother’s belated birthday. The trip going there wasn’t bad. I got a seat, there were no funky smells, no obnoxious people, or any crazies. However going home was almost epic.

When I got to the platform, it was packed, which is never a good omen. Sure enough, the countdown clock showed arrival times of over 10 minutes for the uptown 1/2/3 trains. Of course, the 2 train had the worst arrival times, with one 1 train and two 3 trains arriving before. I did manage to get a seat on the bench by my usual spot, which I was grateful for since I was carrying the bag with the boxed up cupcakes. The estimated 1 & 3 trains arrived and weren’t as packed as I thought they would be. The 2 train, however, was bursting at the seams. Even if there had been enough space for me, I wasn’t going to risk ruining my mother’s birthday cupcakes. I was forced to let that train go and wait for the next one, estimated to arrive in 16 minutes.

Since I got my bench seat back, I just sucked it up and tried to be patient. More 1 & 3 trains passed, none too packed. Finally the 2 train arrived…packed like a hoarder’s closet! That’s when I got really frustrated and decided I might as well take the next 1 train to Washington Heights (where I grew up) and transfer to the BX 35 bus, which leaves me a block away from my apartment. It would be a longer ride, but I had already spent too much time waiting for a 2 train I could ride in comfortably without ruining the cupcakes I had in tow. Even with all the delays, I made it home before my parents came from closing their grocery store. They close earlier on Sundays, so I was worried they would be home before me. And everyone enjoyed the cupcakes 🙂

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.

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