I’m Back!!

I know…it’s being a LONG time since my last post! Life just kept me busy and I’ve horrible at making time to dedicate to my blogs.

Although I’ve been MIA from Subway Diaries, the NYC subway hasn’t been lacking material to write about (it never is, lol). Unfortunately, I didn’t keep notes and too much time has passed for me to remember all the details. But some things are just difficult to forget, like the following from the past few months:

  • On Valentine’s Day, a woman standing by the train doors and projectile vomiting on the woman seated next to her. I guess she was sick of all the love hype, or she just didn’t like the flowers the seated woman had, lol.
  • A young adult (18-20) lashing out at a much older man (60+) in an abrupt violent beat down on the train, with such an impact the older man flew out of the train onto the platform. The older man had apparently been too vocal about the young man’s female companion and her “unmodest” outfit.
  • A full grown man squeezing himself into a seat I wouldn’t even try to put my hips in.
  • A little girl (about 8 years old) going buck wild on the train while her grandmother’s patience thinned out. That girl was running back and forth, twirling herself around the poles, and even flashing her nipples. The grandmother eventually snapped, gave her a smack, causing the girl to wail loudly until they got off the train.
  • A guy dropping his wallet as he ran to catch the 1 train at 59th St – Columbus Circle (he missed it). Another guy saw it, picked it up, but in the crowd lost track of the wallet’s owner. He jumped the turnstile, thinking the guy left the station. I ran after the guy who picked up the wallet and told a woman on the outside part of the turnstile to find him because the wallet’s owner was still in the station. While she went to find the “wallet hero”, I ran to the owner. He hadn’t realized he had dropped his wallet. Soon enough the “wallet hero” managed to return the wallet to its rightful owner.
  • I was waiting for the 2 train at 125th St with a friend, when a woman started pacing near us, moaning. At first I thought she was either a junkie on a bad trip (she did look like she was on something) or somewhat demented. After hearing her wailing and screaming at the station agent, I realized she had lost her daughter. She mentioned a green book-bag, so when my friend & I got on the train I scanned the platform at the next station. Sure enough, there was a traumatically frightened little girl with a green book-bag, crying and trembling next to a couple trying to soothe her. The man and I went to the station agent while my friend and the woman tried the calm the girl down. We told the agent to call the station before because the mother was there. Eventually the mother arrived and they were reunited.

Feel free to post comments or share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.

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