Lickity Split

On my way home from Salsa class, I got on the 2 train at 14th St. The train was a bit crowded but it cleared up a bit at 34th St. I managed to get a seat then. I must’ve been tired from working on Sunday, today’s running around at work, then dance class, because I failed to notice the odd young girl (teen? woman?). She was reading a thick book with the cover ripped off & the pages had water damage. She was eating a strawberry ice cream pop, in a disgustingly perverse sucking manner. Her hands were dirty with crusty nails.

That’s when her nauseating scent of stale cheap chocolate & unwashed body hit me. It was SO bad I to focus on my breathing to avoid throwing up. I don’t know what was worse: how crusty her hands were & the ice cream dripping on them, the way she was eating her ice cream, or the way she smelled. I couldn’t take it, I got off at 42nd St & waited for the next train. That type of smell sticks & I didn’t want to take that home with me.

Feel free to post comments of share similar experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.

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