Drunken Fool

Last Monday, I visited my parents after work. When I got on the Bronx-bound 2 train I quickly sat in the first available seat, knowing that it would be a long, crowded ride. What I failed to notice was the reason that seat was available. No one wanted to sit next to the overweight, blubbering drunk. He kept staring at an African-American woman sitting in front of us, mumbling in slurred Spanish. “Porque me ‘ta mirando?” “Why is she staring at me?” “Tan fea que e'” “She’s so ugly”. He kept repeating himself in intervals, like a scratch record. I just thought, crap, now I’m stuck next to this drunk fool, for God knows how long. Luckily he got off at 96th St, but he left with a bang. The bang of the door closing on him twice before he managed to stumble our of the car, lol.

Feel free to post comments or share common experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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