No Gay Chicken

On a morning commute, I encountered a “preaching” bum (yes, bum, not a homeless person) who apparently wanted to share his “wisdom”. As soon as he entered the train, his voice boomed loudly, “There are no gay chicken!” Of course he caught a lot of a attention & “WTF” stares with his remark, but I’m pretty sure he was aiming for that. “There are no gay chicken!,” he repeated, for emphasis, I guess. “There are no gay chicken in Chick-A-Filet. If you want to get gay chicken, go to McDonald’s. Mickey D’s has your gay chicken & fish.” He got a couple of chuckles, but they stopped when he continued into an anti-gay & anti-women tirade, with biblical references. Needless to say, I was glad to get off that train, before I was forced to listen to any more of his nonsense.

Feel free to post comments or share common experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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