God Bless You Mami

The previous Friday, I was heading home after a farewell happy hour that lasted well into the evening 🙂 I managed to get a seat quickly & settled in for my long trip. As usual it got a crowded quickly. A Puerto Rican guy & an African-American guy stood in front of me. The Puerto Rican was doing most of the talking in their conversation. “I don’t care what they say! After I finish the program I’m gonna go out & smoke a blunt!” he kept rambling about how much weed he was going to smoke & how he would figure out how to make some money under the table for his supply. The other guy barely said anything, mostly laughed or grunted in agreement. The person sitting next to me got off & the Puerto Rican sat down. He turns to me & says “God bless you mami.” “Thank you,” I mumble in reply, not raising my eyes from my Temple Run game, trying not to encourage further conversation from him. “You have really nice skin.” A curt “thanks” was my reply. I felt him staring at me for a long moment. He finally realized he wasn’t going to get anywhere with me, so he turns back to his friend & starts talking about his cougar ex calling him saying she needed him for a night, even though she had gotten married. Supposedly she offered to pay for his transportation & some of his bills, just to see him.

I just thought, “Seriously? This guy tries to talk to women on the train after talking about getting his weed fix, then goes on to talk about a cougar ex who offered to be his sugar mama?” I don’t know who would fall that, but I certainly won’t, even if I were single, lol.

Feel free to post comments or share common experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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