Hole-y Man

After work yesterday, we took the A train, on our way to the Grand Central Station Apple Store. I needed to replace my iPhone case & M.R. needed to replace his New iPad (long story, not mine to tell). I managed to get a tight seat, with M.R. standing in front of me. The man next to him was wearing a plain white tee, very ordinary. What caught my attention were the holes in it. They were big enough to stick my thumb in them, not that I would of course, lol. I just thought, did he need the extra ventilation from the scorching heat? It also reminded me of the Dominican wife’s tale that if you have holes in your shirt, you had a secret lover. If that were the case, this man, as out of shape & sloppy as he was, is very popular, lol.


Feel free to post comments or share common experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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