I understand that the homeless problem in NYC has gotten worse in the recent years. Every day you you see more & more people begging for change in the streets & on the trains. I feel bad for those who are honestly without shelter or food. However, being a jaded New Yorker, I know too many of those begging are lying, just trying to get a quick buck for a quick fix, whether it be drugs or alcohol or both. I refuse to support that kind of behavior, so I always offer food, if I have any. Those who are genuine will appreciate it beyond words. Those who are scammers will refuse the food or throw it away as they switch to the next car.

But regardless of whether they’re genuine or not, they shouldn’t stick their dirty hand in my face, in an effort to force it out of me. That’s what happened on my way home tonight. Worse was the stench of cheap liquor, so I knew he was BS. That just pisses me off. You want to waste away your life & leech off others, that’s your choice, but you won’t do it at my expense.

Feel free to post comments or share common experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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