Cross-Platform Conversations

M.R. & I were waiting for the F train, heading to Coney Island, when two guys & a girl walk past us. They were obviously going to the beach, but they looked so ready to be there that they actually looked like they just got back from the beach, lol. They were being loud & obnoxious,but got worse when they walked further down the platform & started yelling across the tracks to a girl, maybe two, that they knew. They were being rowdy & trying to be funny, but they only managed to be annoying & vulgar.

I never understood why people feel compelled to have a conversation with people they know across the tracks on the opposite platform. It’s obnoxious & rude & no one wants to hear about your business. The worst are those who get upset when a stranger tells them something & they snap at them to mind their own business. How can the stranger mind his/her business if you’re putting it all out in public? SMH

Feel free to post comments or share common experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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