Calling the Cops

Last night, on my way home from my parents, three big, busty Latin women got on the 2 train I was riding for the first portion of my trip. They were dressed all in black, revealing too much of their excess skin, obviously on their way back from a party, judging from their faded, runny makeup. Their loud, ghetto voices filled the car before they had even set foot inside…

“He better not do that sh*t to me! Ma kids & mutha are there!” – BBLW #1

“You need to call the cops on his a$$!” – BBLW #2

“I’m gonna call the cops on him!” – BBLW #1

“Yeah, you always say that but you never do. You need to call the cops & do it for real!” – BBLW #3

“I’m gonna call them! My babies & my mutha are there! He can’t do that in front of them. They got nowheres to go!” – BBLW #1

“I’ll go with you.” – BBLW #3

“I’ll go with you too.” – BBLW #2

“I’m gonna grab my stuff & take my kids & moms outta there!” – BBLW #1

“We’ll help you carry stuff out.” – BBLW #3

“I ain’t dressed for a move or a fight, but I gotta small sweater & I’ll take off my earrings, just in case.” – BBLW #2, who for her size had small chest, but was wearing a top so low-cut her sagging little boobs were almost drooping out of it.

“I’m gonna call the cops on his a$$!” – BBLW #1

That was the last part of the conversation before they got off the train, their voices trailing after them. I bet she didn’t call the cops though. She probably just made a big scene with her friends squawking behind her.

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Laundry Service & Dog Laugh

Today, M.R. & I were on our way to fill our cravings for DUB pies–addictive Australian/New Zealand-style savory pies, I recommend you try them. When we got on the F train, we saw that a man had hung his wet shirt & jacket on the middle bars, as you can see in the picture below:


I don’t know how his clothes got wet like that. It wasn’t raining, not yet at least. Unless he took a dip fully clothed at Coney Island, lol.

To make our train ride more “interesting”, there was a big group of early-20-somethings who were obviously not locals, sitting pretty much across the entire car. They were talking loudly, obnoxiously yelling at each other across the car, & laughing up a storm. Every so often one of them, usually a girl, would burst out laughing in a way that resembled a yappy dog barking. The sound just made you cringe as your auditory senses died a little. Needless to say we were relieved to get away from them when we got off at our stop.

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Double Bubble

The pair pictured below annoyed the crap out of me, as well as my fellow commuters. Not only were they physically obnoxious, with their childish, little girl pigtails (both had them, I don’t understand why), they were loud, inconsiderate to those around them. Their “conversation” consisted of babbling nothingness, interjected with endless “OMGs.”. I had a huge urge to grab them by their stupid pigtails & bashing their heads into each other. I don’t think I was alone in that feeling…


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Sally the Rag Doll

On one of my morning commutes to work, I had the lady pictured below sitting in front of me. Her outfit caught my eye, with raw edges at the seams & the murky uneven colors. Instantly it reminded me of Sally the Rag Doll, the female lead in Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Of course, I had to take her picture, lol.


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Delayed posts

Just wanted to inform you the delayed posts is due to two recent passings in my extended family & being busy with work & life in general. I have a couple of drafts from posts I was working on & I’ll be putting together the posts for “Subway Etiquette” as previously announced. In the meantime, check out blogs by two of my many cousins & one of my best friends:



Sin Comix’s Art Blog (no longer active)

Hope you enjoy!

Tight Rope

This morning was a normal commute. There was a bratty little girl throwing tantrums like she was getting paid for it. Her father had no control over her. But they eventually got off. Then I noticed the lady sitting in front of me wearing strappy flip flops. I thought they were cute, but what wasn’t cute was how the straps were digging into her feet & legs. I mean, damn, she probably wanted to make sure they would stay put throughout the day, but that doesn’t mean she needed to cut off her circulation, lol. Check it out for yourselves in the picture below:


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Subway Etiquette

My subway rides have been a bit dry the past couple of days. Just the usual “chicken chatter”, untamed offspring, & other inconsiderate commuters. To fill these gaps, I’ve decided to write a series of posts on subway etiquette. You would think it’s common sense what’s acceptable & what isn’t when riding the train, or any form of public transportation. But as we all know, too many people lack common sense nowadays. I will go over several topics dealing with subway etiquette, including (but not limited to) rush hour, traveling with children, traveling with pets (or being in a car that has a traveling pet), volume control, conversations to avoid, tourist travel, & essential rules.

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