Volume Control Issues

My morning commute today was uneventful, but it had several people with severe cases of volume control issues. It started with two older Chinese ladies getting on, already in a loud, animated conversation. They walked across the car, their “chicken chatter” assaulting our ears. At the next stop, another pair got one, but they sat next to me. I felt like I was stuck in a chicken coop.

Eventually, both pairs got off. But just as I was getting used to a peaceful commute, a pair of financial suits got on. One was a barrel-chested middle aged Caucasian man (though he was more red than white from his obvious drinking habit), the other was a twenty-something Indian guy. They were going at it like they were at a noisy bar after work. They were talking about cars & people’s driveways. Then the Indian guy tells the other he was planning on buying a car next year but his dad offered to by him one so he’s taking him up on it. I just thought “What a daddy’s boy.” I mean couldn’t he be a grown man & buy his own car instead of letting his daddy get him one? I mean great that his dad offered but it speaks volumes when you can do for yourself instead of leeching off others.

During my evening commute the volume control issue continued. Everything was going fine: I got a seat right away, it wasn’t crowded, there was no B.O. Shortly after we crossed into Brooklyn, two Africa-American guys started raising the volume of their conversation. It got to the point that everyone was staring at them, anticipating & bracing themselves for punches to go flying. I only got bits & pieces of their conversation over the rumbling sounds of the train & the A/C. Apparently they were fighting over $40. I just don’t understand how people make public spectacles of themselves over stupid things. I mean, is a $40 debt serious enough to almost get into a physical fight on the train during rush hour?

Feel free to post comments or share common experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.


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