Whoops…Mermaid Parade

I was going to take my dog, Julie, to Coney Island with my boyfriend, M.R. So we take the F train for the 10-min ride with her in tow. I noticed three friends, two girls & a guy, dressed in mock sailor outfits. That’s not completely unusual to see heading to Coney Island, but I figured it would give me something to write about. Turns out they weren’t one of the countless groups of retro-inspired mock sailors you find scattered along Surf Avenue or the boardwalk. They were headed to the Mermaid Parade.

Sure enough, as we step off the train at Stillwell Ave, glitter-covered, sequin-wearing, colorful wigged out “mermaids” spilled onto the platform. I just thought, crap I can’t have Julie in this crazy crowd. She’s a Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher mix & is known to occasionally throw fits. It was too hot to be carrying a small, but heavy, dog thru a crowd. So we hopped on the D train to run a few errands. Unfortunately, we were also unaware the the D train was running on the N line this weekend. So we got off at our home stop & walked 0.3mi to our destination, which isn’t much but this heat didn’t help. After our errands, we walked 0.9mi home.

Having my day’s plan cancelled, and being the masochists that we are, we decided to go back to Coney Island, switching Julie for my Nikon D3200, to watch the Mermaid Parade. I had never seen it in person, or watched it on TV for that matter, so I figured why not experience it once, plus I could play around with my camera a bit. So we hop back on the F train, where we were assaulted by one of the many pet peeves I have on the train: unruly teens. Two teenage Latin girls with their equally immature teenage-looking mother, being loud, rowdy & all over the place. They were beyond obnoxious, barely staying in their seats, jumping around & stomping their ugly, cheap sandals, acting like they were so cute. Their mother had no control over them, she seemed more interested in being one of the girls than being a disciplinarian. It was really irritating. This is why the younger generation is the way they are: no sense of proper behavior & no respect for those around them, SMH.

Anyway, here’s a small glimpse of what I saw on the F train, going home after the Mermaid Parade:


Feel free to post comments or your common experiences, whether in NYC or elsewhere.

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